Wills & Estate Planning in York, Pennsylvania

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Our law firm offers assistance with wills and estate planning in York, Pennsylvania. Make appropriate provisions for your children and loved ones and simplify the paperwork that will follow your death. Perhaps no one needs a will more than same sex or unmarried couples. Call us today at (717) 848-8448 for legal counsel that you can trust.

Wills & Estate Planning

This service is very affordable and extremely necessary. Taking the time to make sure your wishes are fulfilled is a hallmark of this practice. You receive a will that matches your plans and achieves your goals, while providing distribution of your assets and simplifying the process for your surviving loved ones.
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In the event of a death of a family member, you can count on our attorney to help you through the maze of legal requirements and filings. We can assist you in preparing a power of attorney document so that another person can conduct your affairs if you choose or if your health prevents you from doing so. We can help you prepare a health care directive, sometimes called a 'living will', so your treatment preferences can be well-known even if you become unable to express them and so you can designate someone to make treatment decisions for you if you become unable to make those decisions.
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